From Pain Relief to Performance
CBD CREATED TO Support the Athletes' Journey
From Pain Relief to Performance
CBD CREATED TO Support the Athletes' Journey
The OLO Story
OLO, drawing its name from the Greek word for ‘whole, entire, and complete’, embodies a comprehensive approach to wellness. Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, a chiropractor and athlete with 30 years in the field, OLO is a family-run business that offers a natural, scientifically-backed range of functional CBD products.

Uniquely combining CBD with adaptogens and vitamins, OLO’s range is designed for athletes and active individuals, to support performance, mental clarity, and physical recovery.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide relief, cognitive focus, and overall wellness support to athletes of all levels who seek safe, effective, and natural alternatives to manage pain and enhance performance. 

OLO supports your active lifestyle with natural, fast-acting solutions that help you be your best self. Be OLO fit.
High quality CBD blends formulated without compromise
All of OLO’s products feature Nano-Amplified CBD
Nano-Amplified CBD
Breaking down CBD molecules into smaller sizes through nano amplification increases bioavailability, speeds up onset of effects, and enhances potency.
In addition, all of our products are:
100% Organic / Vegan / Paraben Free / Cruelty Free / Sustainably-grown / Non-GMO
THE OLO Difference
+ fast-acting
+ Non-gmo
+ nano-aMPLIFIED
+ 100% organic
+ gluten free
+ cruelty free
A family owned Business
OLO, founded by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, a doctor of chiropractic medicine, athlete, and author, has dedicated 30+ years to natural, non-opioid pain relief. Collaborating with pain specialists, he’s a proud member of prestigious organizations, including the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine.

Dr. Johnson validates CBD’s therapeutic use through scientific research, aiming to provide safe and effective pain relief. Our family-owned business is committed to delivering high-quality, fast-acting CBD formulations, supporting an active lifestyle by managing pain and enhancing overall performance.
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, DC, FNP-BC
Cofounder and Director
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